To cook every day can be hard work. Let me do it for yourself. With my Fridge Filling service, I will fill your fridge with tasty, healthy, and ready-to-eat dishes, so you can enjoy your time


Fridge Filling is a service that will provide you with meals perfectly cooked and with the best ingredients for 4 days.

You can choose lunch or dinner and we will plan together the menu per your needs and tastes.

I will go grocery shopping and will cook the dishes at your home. Then, I will leave them perfectly labelled and ready to eat in your fridge.

You just need to heat them up and eat!

Is this service for me?

  • You do not like to cook.
  • Your everyday life does not give you the time to make healthy and tasty meals.
  • There are times (illness, a newborn, etc.) when you cannot cook or need some help with that.
  • You need a special diet.
  • You simply do not want to cook, just enjoy your free time.

How does it work?


A previous talk: we will set the details, plan the menu per your preferences and book a date.



Grocery Shopping: the same day or the previous afternoon, I will buy all the ingredients. You just have to have oil, sugar and salt in your kitchen ;).



I will cook at your kitchen: I will cook and leave the dishes ready to eat, perfectly labelled and with instructions on how to heat then up. You just have to eat and enjoy then.



Clean after myself: I will take care of the kitchen and leave it as clean as I find it, as if I had never been there.


How much it is?

Rates include grocery shopping. Let's talk if you are interested in this service

It is necessary to make a deposit of 50% (deducted of the finale rate) when you hire me.

What do I need?

A kitchen! Gas, stovetop or electric range and a counter where I can wash, cut, etc. the ingredients. If you have an oven, all the better, but it is not essential, and of course a fridge I can put the dishes in.

In the previous talk, we will discuss those details, so when I am at your home, there won’t be any surprises.

Do I need to be at home when you cook?

There is no need, whatever makes you feel more comfortable. I am a very trustworthy person, very passionate about my job and I want you to offer the best possible experience.

What others say about me


“When my baby was born I didn’t have so much time to spare for cooking, but I still needed to eat. That’s when I found Cuisinge and it was like I was saved!

The meals were fantastic, very healthy and tasty and the best thing, I did not have to worry about cooking or cleaning afterwards. I just enjoyed my baby."

María (Madrid).


"Dear Inge, thank you for your wonderful dinners. They were fantastic. I am trying to cook as well, but still have a long way to go. Sitting in the kitchen and talking to you gave me comfort. My best wishes, big hug".


Darius, Antigua, West Indies.

Let's talk


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