Enjoy life while I cook for you

What are my services?


Everyday, meals ready to eat

I will fill your fridge with nourishing, tasty dishes per your needs and preferences. You just have to heat them up and enjoy your meal.

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For special occasions

A date night with your partner? A friends meeting? Or a Sunday brunch? Enjoy the moment while I cook for you.

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Birthday gatherings, anniversaries, Christmas dinners

When you need your gatherings and events to be perfect. Let me take care of everything.

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With Cuisinge you will enjoy your free time. Forget about cooking, grocery shopping and cleaning up afterwards.

Who is behind Cuisinge?

Hi! I am Inge, a Belgian who has been living in Mallorca for many years. I have got more than 20 years of experience in the kitchens of renowned restaurants and as a private chef and, nowadays, my passion for cooking has taken me to a new path as a home chef.

Because having a chef at your home does not need to be just for some people, I provide you the total gastronomic experience. You just have to take a seat and enjoy it…

Shall we talk?

How does it work?

imagen-alcachofa-como-funciona-compra-ingredientesI buy the ingredients

imagen-berenjena-cocino-en-tu-casaI cook in your home

imagen-calabacin-dejo-platos-listosI fill your fridge

imagen-rabano-como-funciona-recojo-cocinaI clean up after myself

I take care of everything! I will buy the ingredients, cook in your own home, get the meal ready and clean up all the mess, as if I had never been there

Are you interested in my private chef service?

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